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LiShui Toparts Valve Co.,Ltd. is a professional ball valve & valve component manufacture in China. As a young promising ball valve manufacturer,we devoted overall our effort to design and manufaturing to make sure our valves higher quality with most competitve price. With the assistance of CNC,CN vertical lathe, horizontal lathe,automatic welding device,our workers can produce top quality products with precise dimension.Our products can be designed & manufactured as per standards of API,DIN,ISO,GOST.

Our producing management system and quality control system sets out strict producing and inspection procedure to make sure the goods delivery on time and valve products qualified all most 100%.

Our advantage valve products are double block and bleed ball valve,metal seated ball valves.Also, we do service of OEM for foreign customers, and manufacuture the valve components as per the customer’s drawings.

After 1 decade of development,Toparts has grown up as a leading ball valve and valve components manufacturer in China. The proucts can be manufactured as per standard, also can be tailor-made. We supply OEM service for foreign customers,the products are mainly exported to America,Canada,European&Asian countries.

Our philosophy:
Quality is the top priority,as safety is the life.
Persue the preciseness of work,including of every process,such as machining,testing.
The products are standardized and customized,as customer’s satisfaction is our everlasting goal.

Why Choose Us?

We build mature and efficient production system from product researching and quality control. We are absorbed in machining ball valve for domestic and foreign market.

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Tel: +86 13587971594
E-mail: info@topartsvalve.com

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Tel: +86 13587971594 | E-mail: info@topartsvalve.com