Ultra-low temperature duplex ball valve


● LF2、LF3、LF5、F304、F316、F304L。 LCB,LC1。 CF8.CF8M.CF3.CF3M Quality assurance: ● Every step from procurement to production, welding, assembly, testing and packaging complies with quality plans and procedures (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Part I Manual and ISO 9001 Manual). Quality control (aC): ● The quality control department is responsible for all aspects of quality, from material receiving to processing, welding, nondestructive testing and assembly control. Pressure testing, cleaning, painting and packaging. Stress test: ● Each valve shall be pressure tested according to api gravity 6D standard, api gravity 598 standard or applicable special customer requirements.


Low temperature DBB double ball valve is divided into low temperature DBB floating ball valve and low temperature DBB fixed ball valve For ball valves with temperature higher than -50℃, long neck structure is not needed. For ball valves whose temperature is lower than -50℃, when designing long neck structure, the neck length is usually designed according to standard notes or customer requirements. For valves whose working temperature is lower than 100℃, the materials of valve body, valve cover and valve trim must be treated at low temperature after rough machining. In addition, the materials of packing, washers, bolts and nuts shall be suitable for low-temperature service conditions