Disc DBB ball valve

size range0.5"-2"
Pressure range 150 LB-4500 LB
Temperature range-46℃+450℃

Design principle of disc type DBB ball valve: It completely follows the design principles of API 6D, PAI 6A, ASME Vlll and ASME B16.34, and has two series of full diameter and reduced diameter. The channel inner diameter of the full-bore ball valve is consistent with the inner diameter of the pipeline, which not only minimizes the fluid resistance, but also facilitates the pipeline cleaning. However, the fluid resistance of the ball valve with reduced diameter is much lower than that of the globe valve with the same diameter, and its weight is about 30% lighter than that of two ball valves with the same diameter, which effectively reduces the production cost and the purchase price of users, so it has been widely used. The main features of disc type DBB ball valve are: the double ball valve is divided into fixed and floating series, with double cutoff and discharge functions. One valve body has two balls, and the valve cavity between the two balls has an external discharge valve (needle-shaped stop valve). Disc DBB ball valve replaces the complicated form of multiple valves connected in series in traditional pipeline. Reduce the leakage points in the pipeline system and realize the functions of quick discharge and shutdown. Double ball valve saves installation space, simplifies installation procedure, reduces pressure of pipeline system, facilitates instrument cleaning and maintenance, and reduces cost. Reliable sealing performance, suitable for occasions with strict sealing requirements; Secondly, the ball valve is designed with anti-static and valve stem anti-pressure flushing structure; According to API 607/API 6FA, fire safety test and certificate; The seal with ball can be soft seal or metal-to-metal hard seal. There are also structures with side-mounted split type and top-mounted integrated type; At the same time. The end is connected with NPT threaded end and butt welding end; According of actual working conditions and medium properties; the valve design is applicable of normal temperature; high temperature; low temperature; ultra-low temperature; corrosion resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, the driving modes are as follows: according to different working conditions and the actual requirements of customers, various practical types of handles are manufactured.