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Valve World Expo & Conference Asia 2015

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Update time : 2020-06-12 11:44:36

2019年阀门世界亚洲展从苏州搬回上海,博览会首日观众量破4000人次,高于往届同期。现场续订率(按2019年展馆面积计算)接近80%。将近两天的盛会共汇聚了众多优质展商,除了如本次盛会的主赞助商纽威、Beric Valves、大通、富朗、方正、维萨等国内外知名阀门及相关产品企业,更有来自美国、意大利、德国、荷兰、西班牙、日本、韩国、英国、印度、新加坡等国际供应商积极参展,与时俱进、中西交融,为亚洲行业盛会增添了更多国际化氛围。


In 2019, Valve World Asia Exhibition moved back to Shanghai from Suzhou, and the number of visitors exceeded 4000 on the first day of the exhibition, which was higher than the same period of previous exhibitions.The on-site renewal rate (based on the 2019 pavilion area) is close to 80%.Nearly two days of the event were brought together many high-quality exhibitors, in addition to Neway, such as the event's main sponsors Beric Valves, Chase,Visa,Fulang and other domestic and foreign well-known valve and related products enterprises, also there are the suppliers from the United States, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Britain, India, Singapore and other countries. Keeping pace with The Times and blending China and the West have added more international atmosphere to the Asian industry event.

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